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14, Asen Jordanov Boulevard Sofia 1592, Bulgaria
Phone: +359 2 9651264
Cell phone: +359 88 7968922
For resevravtions in the hotel: + 359 886 114 450

The Stream Resort

Welcome to The Stream Resort, where you can discover natural beauty, cultural heritage, traditional Bulgarian cuisine, and traces of Bulgarian history. The Stream Resort is one of the best Bulgarian holiday spots that offers skiing and Spa in a single, idyllic setting. The resort is perfectly placed in Pamporovo, in the heart of the Rhodopi Mountain range of southeastern Bulgaria. The Resort offers the highest standard in ski resort accommodation with a wealth of facilities including wellness center & spa plus a restaurant and bar. The resort consists of 75 apartments that are delivered to the customer ready to move in. High quality materials and effective technologies are used in the construction process.  The properties could be fully furnished upon request. The furniture packages correspond to a standard that you expect in a high quality hotel. This includes everything from large items such as sofas, beds, tables, and wardrobes right down to linen, towels, and cutlery. The Resort combines traditional Bulgarian design with modern and practical technologies, thus offering the benefits of modern and comfortable living. When you buy a property in The Stream Resort, you buy a special piece of Pamporovo Paradise.
We look forward to meeting you at The Stream Resort.

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Pamporovo is a popular ski resort in southern Bulgaria, one of the best-known in Southeastern Europe. It is amongst marvellous pine forests and is suitable during the winter for skiing and snowboarding. Summer offers also good vacation there. The hub of Pamporovo is consisted of a number of fabulous hotels and bars. It is also one of the best skiing resorts in Europe.

Pamporovo has a suitable climate featuring a cool winter with about 100 sunny days during the skiing period. The  influence of The Aegean Sea is enormous here and the skiing season starts from mid - December to mid - April.  The gentle profile of the mountain  makes Pamporovo particularly a perfect destination  for beginners. But there are many places like Giant Slalom  which is a perfect exercise for every expert.

Pamporovo is between the top tourism destinations, attracting many thousands of visitors

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Pamporovo Hotel
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