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Kapitan Raicho 2 Plovdiv 4000 Bulgaria
Phone:+359 (32) 605000
Fax:+359 (32) 605009

Dedeman Trimontium Princess

About Hotel

Welcome to the Dedeman Trimontium Princess Plovdiv Hotel, a luxury hotel in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. With one of the best location in town near various business sites and local landmarks, it is the ideal location for both business and leisure travellers to discover Plovdiv, Bulgaria. 

The city of Plovdiv in Bulgaria is an enchanting city. Plovdiv has preserved the footsteps of the Ottoman Empire. It is quite possible to lose your sense of time and place in this beautiful city. 
Dedeman Trimontium Princess Plovdiv provides the utmost in hospitality for those who decide to discover the stunning town of Plovdiv, Bulgaria. Due to the perfect location of the Dedeman Trimontium Princess Plovdiv our guests can explore the ruins from the old town,business sites and shopping area, the night life and financial districts within walking distance of our hotel. 

It is a real treat to stay within the four walls of Hotel Dedeman Trimontium Princess Plovdiv. Under the leadership of architect professor Yolov our Plovdiv hotel shows intricate details on both the internal and external facades. The excellent location, personalized service and the historical hotel building makes this your delightful home-away-from-home hotel in Plovdiv. 

Located in the city centre, Hotel Dedeman Trimontium Princess Plovdiv is 150 km from the Sofia Airport, 15 km from the Plovdiv Charter Airport, and 500 m from the bus station. 

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Pamporovo is a popular ski resort in southern Bulgaria, one of the best-known in Southeastern Europe. It is amongst marvellous pine forests and is suitable during the winter for skiing and snowboarding. Summer offers also good vacation there. The hub of Pamporovo is consisted of a number of fabulous hotels and bars. It is also one of the best skiing resorts in Europe.

Pamporovo has a suitable climate featuring a cool winter with about 100 sunny days during the skiing period. The  influence of The Aegean Sea is enormous here and the skiing season starts from mid - December to mid - April.  The gentle profile of the mountain  makes Pamporovo particularly a perfect destination  for beginners. But there are many places like Giant Slalom  which is a perfect exercise for every expert.

Pamporovo is between the top tourism destinations, attracting many thousands of visitors

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Pamporovo Hotel
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